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Mindfulness in Nature

woman sawing tree
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seating in woodland
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6 week course

This course is suitable for complete beginners, as well as those with some previous experience of nature connection activities and/or mindfulness. You can engage with mindfulness in nature training from the comfort of your own home environment, practicing the meditations you learn indoors or outdoors.
“The nature themed exercises & techniques we learned are perfect to purposely slow me down, make me relax and really appreciate all around me.”
Course participant – March 2021
“I have been enjoying the nature meditations so much on this course. It’s so easy to go through the day and not really stop to notice what’s going on in nature around me. I not only notice more in nature now but also in myself.”
Course participant – March 2021

Mindfulness & nature connection

Each  session will focus on different aspects of personal inquiry, using mindfulness as the tool to explore our relationship with ourselves and also the close connections that exists between us and the natural world.

Scientific research has proved that deepening our connection with nature deepens our connection with ourselves too. The nature-inspired mindfulness meditations and practical nature-themed activities you will be invited to engage with are designed to be both thought provoking and fun, in equal measure.

Course cost

£60 (£10/session)

Practising mindfulness in nature

woman picking wild garlic leaves
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your teacher

Susan Collini is a qualified teacher and recognised trainer for those wishing to utilise nature environments to run wellbeing and behaviour change provisions.

Susan has practitioner qualifications for Forest School, Social Forester and Mindfulness in Nature  and is also an accredited Mindfulness Now  teacher. 


Enjoy some quality ‘Me Time’ engaging with gentle nature connection methods to promote wellbeing benefits.  Ideally, the sessions will run at a tanquil, ancient woodland, but can be engaged with from the comfort of your own home. Did you know you can benefit from nature connection from your own armchair?


The aim of these sessions is to revive you physically, mentally and emotionally through reducing stress or anxiety levels, blood pressure and/or feelings of fatigue and lack of motivation. 


This course will reconnect you to the natural world which will, in turn, help restore your equilibrium. A nature-based reboot designed to help you get you to where you need to be mentally and emotionally; ‘normal service’ resumed.

Soothe your mind

Connecting with nature provides many opportunities for quietening the mind, providing a break from negative and unhelpful thoughts and emotions affecting our daily quality of life.

Relax your body

Regular nature connection helps people to tune-in more easily to a tranquilility that relaxes the body, without conscious effort. 

Revive your spirits

Let nature reset your emotional landscape, helping build resilience and allowing new life-enhancing motivations to develop and flow.