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Align yourself with the natural flow of life

“If you are depressed you live in the past.
If you are anxious you live in the future
But, if you are at peace you live in the present”

Indoor environments are full of stimuli that call for our attention, with most of the tasks we engage with being performed on auto-pilot, rather than in the present moment.

It’s said we spend 80% of our day with our minds elsewhere thinking, planning, worrying – preoccupied with thoughts about the past or the future, which can acrtually contribute to fatigue.

Get present with nature

Being outside can provide much in the way of ‘intention’ to disconnect from the pressures of life indoors, whether involving domestic or office work.

When surrounded by nature, the senses naturally prick up, like a wild animal, taking in the sounds, scents and sights  around you, a primeval response from when our ancestors lived in forests.

You can notice the physical sensation of the breath entering and leaving the body as a more heightened experience, making you feel more alive and connected not just to nature but to yourself.



Spending time in nature, observing and connecting with the environment, has much to teach us about ourselves. Noticing the changes that go on, slowly but never ceasing, illuminates the fact that our lives are much the same, even though we may resist change out of fear of the future.

Experiencing the joy of seeing new growth pushing up from the ground, or out from the twigs on the trees can deliver not only joy, but a sense of appreciating the wonders and cycle of life, of which we are a part, not separate.

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