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Mindfulness training online

Group sessions or one-to-one, both are available options to best support your needs

Supporting you to deal with life’s challenges

In response to the extraordinary times we are currently living through, I am going to provide mindfulness training remotely.

I’m Susan Collini, an accredited Mindfulness Now teacher. I’m also involved with the social enterprise Outdoor Tribe whose work benefits adults and children through nature connection activities.

As I’m in a “shielding” situation, due to health issues within my family, I’m ‘in the place’ in relation to insight into challengies and anxieties that accompany the situation we are living through at the moment.

I’ve been supporting people through this crisis, delivering mindfulness classes remotely to individuals and groups during regular ongoing and ad hoc sessions. That’s the beauty and flexibility that teaching remotely provides, options that work for all.

If you think that mindfulness could be something you would like to explore, to help you with regular waves of anxiety, trouble sleeping, or problems with emotional regulation then please start a conversation by completing the short form below.

When you can’t control what’s happening, challenge yourself to control the way you respond to what’s happening. That’s where your power is.”

Mindfulness can help you to…

Reduce feelings of anxiety

Build your resilience

Connect with happiness

Combat mild feelings of depression

Improve sleep

Mindfulness sessions via Zoom, Skype or Facebook

Complete the form below so we can have a quick chat before you start to make sure mindfulness meditation is ‘right’ for you at this time.

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Sessions with family or friends

If you’re interested in some mindfulness training then please start a conversation by completing the form below.

I can run one-off sessions on a one-to-one basis, or could deliver sessions remotely to a family, or group of people who would all participate using zoom, skype or FaceTime.

Sessions could run in the day, or in the evening, to suit. So, when you make contact please let me know a bit about you and your situation and what would work best for you.

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It’s natural to ask the question “How much will these sessions cost”?

The truthful answer is I, like so many others have lost my main income stream, but I know you may well have too. So, while we’re in the current lockdown situation let’s discuss that side of things when we get to the point where it’s relevant. Is that ok?

What it’s all about

If you take time to watch this video animation you’ll understand much more about why mindfulness could be called a superpower!

Mindfulness doesn’t seek to change a person, but rather empower them to have greater awareness of how to stop the mind dictating reactions to thoughts and emotions.

Learning mindfulness can help you feel more in control and more aware of habitual reactions and thoughts patterns.

Mindfulness can improve your life in many, many ways. Why not give it a go?

Pause for thought...

“If you are depressed you live in the past
If you are anxious you live in the future
But, if you are at peace you live in the present”
Lao Tzu