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For those working in outdoor settings

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Mindfulness in Nature

Facilitating Mindfulness in Nature encourages people to deepen connection with nature and themselves. The course  is designed to provide an introduction for those who would like to explore using Mindfulness in Nature within their service provision but are not trained Mindfulness Teachers.

The course will focus on deepening understanding and experience of mindfulness on a personal level, helping inform ‘next steps’ relevant to themselves and those they work with currently or are looking to work with.

Course delivery

During the Covid-19 pandemic this course will be delivered through several online sessions, with an option to attend a practical ‘small group’ Mindfulness in Nature session within a woodland setting in East Northants. However, this is an optional bonus to the course. It is possible to enjoy experiencing Mindfulness in Nature in your own garden, or local nature environment if you live too far away. It is even possible to experience Mindfulness in Nature indoors!

Please be advised, completing this course does not imply in any way that participants become qualified to teach Mindfulness to others.



A mixture of course delivery including online sessions via Zoom, one-to-one mentoring and an option for a practical session delivered outdoors. Course content will be delivered with reference to your own setting, client groups and individual experience of delivering mindfulness/nature connection activities.


This course aims to support your indidual needs with reference to your particular setting. This will benefit not only your appreciation of ‘suitability’ for Mindfulness in Nature activities with different client groups, but also deliver signposting to relevant ‘next steps’.


This course will deliver ‘best practice’ guidance for Mindfulness in Nature activities that nurture positive wellbeing outcomes for service users and the natural environment.

Your trainer

Susan Collini has delivered training for over 15 years and is currently one of the trainers for the Small Woods Level 3 Social Forestry course. Susan also designs bespoke Wellbeing related courses, based on her experience of running nature connection activities for a variety of client groups. Susan is also an accredited Mindfulness Teacher  and Level 3 Forest School leader.

For you

Training will provide guidance and practical skills, all related to  ‘best practice’ in relation to a desire to deliver mindfulness activities within your own outdoor setting.

For service users

The course will communicate ‘best practice’ to maximise postive wellbeing outcomes for different clients and groups wishing to access Mindfulness in Nature activities.

For nature

The course places emphasis on gaining insight into the care and sustainable management of natural habitats, in relation to running Mindfulness in Nature sessions.

Practising mindfulness in nature

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two people sawing wood
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