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Explaining Mindfulness

Is what’s happening in your life right now pulling you down? If you’re feeling anxious, a bit low at times or having trouble sleeping, learning Mindfulness skills can help you feel better in yourself and more positive about life generally. Mindfulness could indeed be the source of  the solution you’re seeking.

In brief, Mindfulness is a way of turning our attention to observing how our minds’ work, giving us more control over how we respond to thoughts, emotions, people and life events.

Scientific studies prove that mindfulness training can help:

  • Reduce anxiety
  • Lower stress
  • Build resilience
  • Increase focus
  • Build motivation
  • Improve relationships
  • Promote more restful sleep
  • Boost your immune system

Training in mindfulness starts with the cultivation of noticing, which might sound strange as we notice things all day long – or do we?

Did you know it’s said we spend up to 80% of our day on auto-pilot, ‘doing’ stuff without really noticing what’s going on around us?

Watch this short video

A short animation about mindfulness 

Find out more about courses to deliver mindfulness training

From 30 minute sessions for larger groups to more in-depth group or 1:1 training there’s a model to suit different needs.

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Are you your thoughts?

How in control of your thinking are you?

Two questions –

Q – Are you in control of your heart beat?
A – No, you are not. Your heart just does what it does without your conscious control.

Q – Are you in control of how you think?
A – No, you are not. Your mind controls the way you think, how you react to emotional triggers and your attitudes towards other people.

Past experiences influence how we react to things, which of course is perfectly natural, is it not? But, if your responses to thoughts, emotions, people or life events are causing you discomfort then Mindfulness training could provide a gentle way to lower those levels of discomfort.

Mindfulness training builds greater ability to lower angst levels accompanying how you respond to thoughts, emotions, people and life in general. Mindfulness can be a life changer.

Mindfulness training options

I run 4-week Level 1, 2 and 3 courses in Mindfulness 

Your Mindfulness Teacher

Susan Collini

Susan Collini

“A qualified Hypnotherapist and Mindfulness Now teacher, Susan likes to run sessions outdoors in the lovely Northamnptonshire countryside whenever possible. Susan also delivers both Mindfulness and Hypnotherapy sessions using zoom and doxy.me.


” I can now view things from the ‘outside’ rather than getting carried along by my emotions and am experiencing fewer ‘low’ days as a result” – Online training participant – October 2020

“Thank you enormously for the benefits which your 5 sessions of Mindfulness delivered this week at the online conference” – Autism online conference delegate – November 2020

“Susan pitched the science, emotional and physical elements expertly, carefully reading her audience which condsidering the media of Zoom was a challenge. The group was diverse and it felt as though the everyones voice was listened to. The mediative sequences were masterfully done, with additional poetry which gave the sessions a wonderful personal touch”  Online course participant – February 2020

“I would recommend the course to other people 300% as the benefits I got out of these past four weeks have changed my daily routine. Mindfulness exercise has become part of my daily life… my partner says that I seem happier and less stressed then ever before so a massive thank you goes to you Susan as you have transformed me into a better and happier mum”
Online course participant – March 2021

 Benefit from some mindful company

The first 30-minute consultation is free of charge, providing a space for me to explain how I might help you and for you to decide whether you’d like to work with me.

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Below are a few photos of the tranquil ancient woodland where I run Mindfulness and nature immersion sessions to benefit physical and mental health.