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Gentle mindfulness training to build emotional resilience

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Dip your toe into mindfulness

Engaging with a Resilio 1 mindfulness course is a fun way to dip into mindfulness to decide if continuing could be of benefit to your wellbeing.

Engaging with the Resilio 1 course promotes greater awareness of how your thoughts hold powerful sway over your experience of life.

Discover your strengths

As a Mindfulness Teacher I consider it an important aspect of my support role to personalise the learning experience for every individual, to maximise benefit.

I recognise that there is an amount of nervousness around ‘mindfulness’ being something that might change a person in some way or make them more passive, neither of which is the case at all.
Mindfulness is about learning to understand the ‘inner you’ and the power you have to be more in charge of how you relate to life.

About Resilio

I’ve developed Resilio 1 as a two-week mindfulness starting point. It provides a ‘taster’ of practising mindfulness before you make a bigger commitment time and money wise.

Resilio 1 involves a series of short, daily activities that encourage you to be mindful in a fun and engaging way, promoting self-awareness and formation of a practice habit.
If you decide, at the end of the 2-week period, that you don’t think mindfulness is for you that’s absolutely fine. You’ve had a taster and you may come back to it later on, who knows?

Resilio 2 and 3 teach mindfulness techniques to help people deal more effectively with stressors in their life experience. The content of Resilio 2 and 3 courses are based on the Mindfulness Now 8-week course, itself  based on the MBSR (Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction) course.

what they say

“It provides a way for me to start each day on a positive note”

Resilio Level 1 student

“Easy to do and made me think about things in a different way”

Resilio Level 1 student

“Helped me make time for myself, which I find really difficult usually”

Resilio Level 1 student

Course delivery

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Resilio FAQ

How will I benefit from following a Resilio course?

The skills you’ll learn at all levels of the Resilio courses will deliver deeper personal insight into how you can develop greater emotional resilience be able to ‘bounce back ‘.

Following the 1, 2 and 3 progression of Resilio courses can help you learn self-care strategies to help you lower stress and anxiety levels.

What courses are available beyond Level 1?

Resilio, Parts 2 and 3 are available as progressive steps beyond level 1. However, you don’t need to progress to Level 3 if you feel you don’t wish to. 

How are the Resilio courses delivered?

Due to the ongoing Covid-19 situation Resilio, parts 1, 2 and 3 are delivered online, with additional support supplied via phone, messaging and email.

Part 1 Resilio is designed to run over a two week period

Part 2 Resilio  is designed to run over a 4 week period

Part 3 Resilio is designed to run over a 4 – 6 week period, depending on client need

Is the course held in a group situation?

Resilio courses are delivered mostly on a one-to-one basis, but with opportunity for group-based meditation practices online during the Covid-19 situation.

The Resilio course provides a more personalised approach to mindfulness training than either online Apps can deliver, or the 8 week courses of MBSR (mindfulness based stress reduction) and MBCT (mindfulness based cognitive therapy) that deliver a fixed, rigid curriculum week by week.

To be clear, I think the MBSR and MBCT courses are excellent for some people but not all people, for a variety of reasons that I’m happy to discuss with you.


Can I do the coursework at any time of the day?

With Resilio 1, absolutely.

With Resilio 2 and 3, “yes” for some of the activities but there needs to be some discussion on mutually convenient times when we can link-up

Do I need to have a special place to practise?

You can practice anywhere that’s convenient, or where you can find some ‘space’.

Do I need to buy any kit?

No you don’t. All materials you need to engage with the Resilio training will be provided. You don’t need to wear any special clothing, or sit on a special cushion, or burn incense. Of course you can choose to make all the above part of your daily practice routine, it’s entirely up to you.

How would I pay for the course?

Payment for training is made prior to start date by BACS payment. PayPal is ok too.

"Mindfulness is a way of befriending ourselves and our experience."

Jon Kabat-Zinn

"The stiller you are the calmer life is."

Rasheed Ogunlaru

"The goal of meditation isn't to control your thoughts, it's to stop letting them control you."

The Age of Enlightenment