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2 hour and longer sessions are possible. Would you feel more comfortable attending as part of small group or prefer one-to-one for your first visit? 



If you don’t feel able to come along to the woodland then what about considering an online Wellbeing ReTreat?

Immerse yourself in nature

Relax your body and soothe your mind

I run Mindfulness/wellbeing sessions in a tranquil woodland setting in East Northants. providing a unique, private space for people to be able to relax both body and mind. Enjoying some ‘me time’ in a beautiful tranquil ancient woodland setting can boost a sense of wellbeing in itself.

Scientific research has demonstrated that nature immersion of just 2 hours at a time promotes measurable improvements in relaxation levels and emotional regulation. Spending time connecting with nature is both soothing and restorative.

These sessions are geared to help strengthen resilience and renew motivation for both personal and the global pandemic challenges we are all dealing with at the moment.

There’s much to learn from nature about overcoming setbacks, adapting to changing conditions and how to bounce back against all odds.

Exclusive access to tranquil surroundings

There is no public access to the woodland and the only visitors  are those who are invited, together with the birds and animals who choose to make the woodland their home. This unspoilt and little-disturbed natural gem of a place is just the perfect place to experience being bathed in peace and tranquility, an aspect that attracts many comments from visitors.

Whatever the season and the weather, participants are guided to deepen their connection with nature through a variety of ways. Bushcraft activities, nature crafts, painting, drawing, photography, poetry and creative writing can be engaged with, if one particularly appeals.

Mindful experiences

For those who wish to explore Shinrin-Yoku (Forest Bathing) and Mindfulness, there are opportunities to engage with either of these gentle and soothing ways to connect more deeply with nature, which helps you connect more deeply with yourself.


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“I feel so much more mentally relaxed and refreshed after my Forest Bathing experience”

(Participant 2019)

“Thank you for such a lovely Mindfulness in nature experience. There was something about today that made for pure happiness. The chiffchaff singing. The chatter of fieldfares on their migration. The smell of the wild garlic. The smoky fire. Sunshine unexpectedly. The pale yellow primroses. The company of kind, interested, friendly people. Delicious food. What a special time”.

(Participant 2019)

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A need to connect with nature is nothing new

The human need to connect with nature reaches back to our evolutionary past when human beings and nature were more closely aligned than is the case today. If you’ve ever wondered why you feel you can really ‘breathe’ when out in nature, the reason is because you instinctively feel comfortable there, ‘at home’. Have you experienced that feeling?

On the Retreats, once you’ve developed insight into how to tune into what’s going on around you in nature, you’ll be amazed by how much more you can notice and how much greater the wellbeing benefits delivered.

When taking part in one of these sessions you can choose to engage with all or some of the activities provided. What you do during your time at the woodland is all down to how you feel at the time.

Sometimes, sitting quietly, immersing yourself in nature in ‘being’ mode can promote relaxation of body and calming of your mind as much as being involved in more focussed, practical activities.

In my role as a Wellbeing Practitioner and Mindfulness Teacher I will be around throughout the session, providing as much guidance as required. I will have found out a little about you and your interests prior to the Retreat, helping me understand how best to support your needs.

Whether you have any questions or want to express interest in booking onto a Wellbeing Retreat, please use the contact form further down this page, or you can ring me on 07799 892900.


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Wellbeing Practitioner

Susan Collini

Susan Collini is a qualified Mindfulness Teacher and Practitioner (Level 3) for Mindfulness in the woods, Social Forestry and Forest School.

Susan delivers short Wellbeing in Nature and Mindfulness in Nature training courses in East Northants and Accredited Level 3 training courses in Wales.

Please be advised, completion of mindfulness related courses do not imply, in any way, that participants become qualified to teach Mindfulness to others.

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