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A bespoke wellbeing experience delivered remotely over a 2 week-period by an accredited Mindfulness teacher and Wellbeing practitioner.

For yourself or someone you care about

A lockdown Re-TREAT to boost wellbeing

Providing daily activities to engage with, in your own time, over a two week period, designed to boost your wellbeing. Every TREAT experience is also supported by 2 x 30 minute one-to-one sessions with Susan Collini (an accredited  Mindfulness teacher and a Wellbeing practitioner) delivered via Zoom, FaceTime or Skype.

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A virtual Wellbeing experience

I usually run mindfulness/wellbeing sessions in a beautiful ancient woodland, but that’s not possible at the moment. But, with a TREAT  experience you’ll have personalised wellbeing activities to engage with, encouraging ‘Me Time’ over a two-week period.

I’m fully insured as an accredited Mindfulness teacher and am also an experienced wellbeing practitioner working with both adults and children.

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Support during your TREAT

Checking-in with you to see you’re doing ok, is part of the TREAT experience.

I’ll have a chat with you, or whoever you ‘gift’ to, to plan activities that are suitable and ‘safe’. I will also be ‘checking in’ at the start, during and at the end of the TREAT experience.

As a trainer for people wanting to deliver wellbeing activities, and being myself  a Forest School Leader and Social Forester, I understand the importance of wellbeing-related activities being ‘suitable and safe’ for different individuals.

In addition to my work as a Mindfulness teacher and wellbeing practitioner I’m also the chairperson for Outdoor Tribe CIC, which in normal times delivers wellbeing sessions for adults and children within an ancient woodland setting.

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Relax and enjoy

The TREAT experience involves a series of daily activities, over a two-week period, designed to be achievable and fun. The  objective of the activities is to nurture a range of wellbeing outcomes.

So, for feelings of being bored, finding it diffcult to sleep or maybe expereiencing feelings of stress and more anxiety then normal, then a TREAT wellbeing experience could be a helpful thing to engage with.

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Nature Connection

There’s plenty of scientific proof that connecting with nature benefits wellbeing. Activities will encourage deepening  your connection with nature with the objective of promoting a deeper and more reflective connection with yourself.

I can teach you about Forest Bathing, immersing yourself in a woodland environment. But, if you’ve just access to a garden, or can get out for a daily walk that’s absolutely fine. Even if you don’t have a garden, or don’t want to go out for a walk, then that’s fine too. Did you know it’s perfectly possible to experience benefit from nature connection indoors?


Whether you’ve never done any mindfulness or have done quite a lot, any meditations that are suggested as a good idea to engage with, as part of the TREAT experience, will be personalised to suit each individual. 

Suitability of mindfulness-based activities will be discussed individually. Some of the activities encourage gentle exercise, some encourage creativity and some suggest making ‘space’ for quiet reflection.

If formal mindfulness exercises don’t appeal then there’s plenty of informal meditations that can be tried out, all in the comfort of your own home, as and when suits you to engage with them.

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Creating the right space

Creating the right space is about cultivating an attitude of ‘intention’ in your head to attend to your TREAT experience every day, nurturing a welcome wellbeing boost.

You don’t have to have a designated special place to be able to get the most out of your TREAT experience, neither do you have to be super-fit or super-experienced with practicing mindfulness. You don’t need any special clothing, or have incense or candles burning (but you can have if you would like to).


£25 off

Discount made available during the current Covid-19 lockdown 

How it works

There will be a one-to-one via Zoom, FaceTime or Skype to  to decide on individually ‘suitable’ wellbeing activities during the TREAT experience. Guidance and personal support relating to the activities will be provided remotely.

Daily routine

The TREAT experience runs over a two-week period. So, whatever activities are engaged with they need to be achievable and enjoyable, if they’re going to help you establish a beneficial and nurturing wellbeing habit.

A little bit of a routine to follow each day can be helpful and being supported to do this, through the two-week period can make a positive difference to general levels of wellbeing experienced. 

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Talking remotely

Something many of us had not bothered with before has almost become normal during this Covid-19 situation, that of talking to others via video-link.

Zoom, FaceTime or Skype is preferable, but I’m happy to just speak on the phone if that’s preferred. The important thing is to experience regular contact, because connecting with others is so important for nurturing our wellbeing.

Then what?

There’s always options to continue working on improving your general wellbeing further, but that can be discussed during the final one-to-one.  There is no ‘up-sell’ included or intended, rather a genuine desire to ensure you are signposted to suitable ongoing support, not necessarily with myself.

What’s most important is that the TREAT experience becomes something valued, in relation to benefitting wellbeing. If someone experiences something they feel is doing them good then they’re likely to want to continue in some way, don’t you think?

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Your wellbeing TREAT experience will be provided by Susan Collini, an accredited, fully insured, Mindfulness Teacher and Wellbeing practitioner

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