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Do something just for you

Do something for yourself, every day, even if it’s only for 5 minutes. Let go of your inner critic and take time out to watch the birds, or the sky, or just sit down with a magizine or a good book. Get into the habit of doing something just for you, every day and take the first step to living a more mindful life.

Eat well

The saying “You are what you eat” is true, to a large extent. During these challenging times food and drink can become a source of comfort rather than just necessity. It’s worth bearing in mind that what we eat and drink can impact directly on our life experience day to day, physically and mentally. Take time to notice and maybe modify…

bowl of soup

Slow down

Stop trying to get everything done before you take time for you. If you find it almost impossible to stop ‘doing’ when you’re in the house then take yourself out for walk, even just for 15 minutes.

Get outside

Take a walk or spend time in the garden daily, if at all possible. Take time to notice what’s around you in nature, rather than just being there and thinking of what you need to be doing next. Bringing daily intention to listen to the birds, notice new growth and notice what’s around you, above, below and at eye level is cultivating being in the present moment, a peaceful place to be.

Disconnect from your Tech

Shut it out of your life, even for just 15 minutes a day. You’ll find it challenging but doing so allows your mind to reset and to focus on other things. Maybe just sit and look out of the window and see what you can notice?

Connect with your inner child

Don’t feel that you can’t still enjoy a bit of silly fun, whatever your age. If you’re out for a walk then maybe kick up the leaves, jump in a puddle or maybe make a Mandala like the one below. If you’re indoors then you can still cultivate the intention to have fun and there’s no one around to think you look silly!

woman in field with flowers

Acknowledge your feelings

It’s okay to feel not so good about life and acknowledging that it’s okay to have such feelings is being mindful – you noticed. All emotions, positive and negative, are part of our human experience. Try to sit with your feelings a little, noticing how they affect your physical body. Sharing your feelings with someone you can trust can be really helpful too. Vocalising how you feel, instead of the thoughts and emotions just running in a loop inside your head, really can help.

woman sitting cross-legged on the ground

Learn Mindfulness in Nature

Be positive

Try to find positives in your life to focus on. Finding things to feel positive about can help you feel better about yourself and your life. Cultivate intention, every day, try write down something you feel grateful for, however small. If you’re having a bad day then look back over the positive things you’ve recorded to remind yourself that there are good things in life to feel grateful for.

Learn to say “NO”

You can’t get back time spent on something that could have benefitted your life or health, so don’t let life or people take you over. Reduce stress by saying “No”, because you’re worth it.