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Mindfulness for adults, children and businesses

Life enhancing

Training designed to suit individual needs

  • Learn to relax and notice what’s going on, rather than just reacting to it
  • Learn how the mind affects the body
  • Feel better in yourself
  • Feel more able to deal with situations
  • Learn ways to boost your resilience
  • Increase your concentration and focus skills



“Listening to my personalised meditations is really soothing and helps me relax”


“I started to sleep better after the first session, it’s amazing”


“My meditation practice has taught me to notice much more than I used to, really helping me to lessen feeling overwhelmed”


Mindfulness helps us perform at our best

Mindfulness helps us navigate the ups and downs of life. Cultivating awareness through mindfulness training is life enhancing and can be a game changer.

Learning to exercise choice rather than habitual responses towards thoughts, people and events can re-boot how you live your life, relate to family, friends and can change negativity towards yourself.

Ultimately, training the brain through mindfulness practice  is re-energising and empowering, helping you develop new perspectives.

I’m Susan Collini, a Mindfulness Now accredited teacher. I believe passionately about the wellbeing benefits delivered through nature connection and run wellbeing and mindfulness sessions for adults, for children and for businesses at a tranquil ancient woodland in East Northants

You can access mindfulness sessions online


How are you feeling today? 




Low mood?



Nature holds the power to soothe and restore

Benefits of learning mindfulness 

Reduce stress and anxiety

By using mindfulness to train your brain you’ll become more aware of what’s going on in your mind and body, Mindfulness can, through interrupting habitual responses, inform choice of response to stressors.


Gain insight

Feel less exhausted

Feeling exhausted can be symptomatic of many things. Practicing mindfulness can help you become more aware of what is depleting you in life, helping you build resilience and develop new perspectives

Discover and grow

Improve motivation

Lack of motivation can be a symptom of not wanting to face a difficulty in your life, with the effort of pushing it away sapping your energy. Mindfulness training involves learning to ‘notice’ but is also about cultivating kindness to yourself, lack of which may well be at the root of your problem. 

Regroup and re-energise

Boost your mood

Learning to embrace ‘being’ rather than ‘doing’ mode can be enough to boost your mood, but you have to make the time. Using your personalised meditation practice recordings provide the necessary structured practice times, setting the scene for some quality ‘Me-Time’, a mood booster in itself.

Regain zest for life

Reduce irritability

Irritability and even anger are a natural part of living, but if they are taking over you life and negatively affecting relationships with others then you’ll be suffering too. Learning mindfulness techniques can help you explore the causes of your suffering and help you face them with loving kindness and a good deal of self-compassion.

Be happy, not snappy

Take control

Negative thoughts, family relationships or work related scenarios can bring you down low. Mindfulness training supports you to explore your life challenges in a kind and gentle way, encouraging you to develop skills which can help you have more control of what seems uncontrollable and draining.

Find stillness within

Watch this

A short animation explaining the basics about mindfulness 

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I can work with you on a one-to-one basis or you could choose to be part of a group, made up of people you know (family/friends) or people you don’t know but who are happy to learn together.

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Mindfulness in a woodland setting

Below are some photos of the ancient woodland where we hold mindfulness and wellbeing sessions   just to give you a flavour