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Nature is a soothing balm

There is something essentially calming, but  at the same time re-energising that is delivered through spending time in nature environments.

Scientific research has proved that connection with nature is associated with improved vitality and greater life satisfaction. Why is this?

The reason is that we, as humans, are of nature and it exists in us as much as we exist within it.

Facilitating people to slow down to really take notice in natural environments can provide important benefits for wellbeing, encouraging people to relax, reduce stress and improve mood.

Practicing Mindfulness in Nature

Practicing Mindfulness in Nature involves supporting people to feel safe and relaxed in a natural environment, whether engaged in practical or contemplative activities; it’s all a matter of personal preference.

Spending time outdoors in nature holds the power to engage the senses in a kind of soft-fascination mode that promotes being in the present moment, without conscoius awareness.

Nature connection promotes wellbeing

Regular practice of nature connection promotes better ‘noticing’ skills, in relation to the natural world and ultimately oneself.  On a simple level, the noticing how much better you feel after a Mindfulness in Nature session could prompt greater insight into simple lifestyle changes that could benefit your general wellbeing.

Through having some dedicated ‘Me time’ it could deliver insight into something as simple as realising that 5 minutes of warming your face in the sun or sitting watching the birds actually can reduce your feelings of stress or overwhelm. Practicing Mindfulness in nature doesn’t aim to change you in any way, but provide insight into new ways of being that can benefit your life experience and wellbeing.

Engaging with practising Mindfulness in Nature almost always makes people more aware of the value of caring and nurturing nature. Through getting involved in practical activities to care for the environment it can be ‘noticed’ that Nature returns the favour!


group of people doing woodland survey

Wellbeing benefits of practicing Mindfulness in Nature

Scientific studies have proved that just 2 hours of nature connection at a time is enough to deliver significant improvments to the physical, mental and emotional wellbeing of those taking part

Cultivating intention to practice Mindfulness in Nature on a regular basis can deliver wellbeing benefits such as

  • Deeper sense of relaxation
  • Emotional regulation
  • Reduced stress levels
  • Improved sleep
  • Greater focus and conentration

Being in the present moment

Regular nature immersion helps restore balance to both body and mind, just through the fact of repeatedly spending time there.

The soft fascination of nature captures people’s attention through their senses naturally, without conscious effort, to become attentive to the present moment.

Practising Mindfulness in Nature through bathing the senses can deliver wellbeing benefits through soothing the emotions and restoring equilibrium.

In addition, practising Mindfulness in nature delivers greater insight into the benefits of culitivating our co-existence with the natural world rather than apart from it.

We, as humans, are part of nature which is why we are drawn to it and why culitvating greater connection with it can deliver much in the way of benefit to our general wellbeing.

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