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Nature is a soothing balm

There is something essentially calming, but  at the same time re-energising that is delivered through spending time in nature environments.

Scientific research has proved that connection with nature is associated with improved vitality and greater life satisfaction. Why is this?

The reason is that we, as humans, are of nature and it exists in us as much as we exist within it.

Facilitating people to slow down to really take notice in natural environments can provide important benefits for wellbeing, encouraging people to relax, reduce stress and improve mood.

Practicing Mindfulness in Nature

Practicing Mindfulness in Nature is more about nature immersion, as opposed to engaging with meditation practice techniques used indoors in the same way outdoors.

Practicing Mindfulness in Nature involves supporting people to cultivate the intention to engage with nature immersion, whether passively or through practical activities.

There are many techniques for practicing Mindfulness in Nature. Which ones to use depends on how experienced/able an individual is at sustaining focussed attention.  Some people can find a minute of focussed attention quite challenging, while others experience less issue. However, regular sessions of nature immersion practice holds the key to improvement.

Deepening levels of nature connection promotes wellbeing

Through regular Mindfulness in Nature practice it is possible to experience deeper levels of nature connection, promoting a deeper appreciation of how closely interconnected we are with the natural world.

This greater personal insight into human interconnection with nature can be a catalyst for change, in a variety of ways, whether on a personal or broader level.

Certainly, practising Mindfulness in Nature almost always makes people more aware of the need to care and nurture nature. Through doing so, nature can be ‘noticed’ returning the favour.


group of people doing woodland survey

Wellbeing benefits of practicing Mindfulness in Nature

Scientific studies have proved that just 2 hours of nature connection every fortnight is enough to deliver significant improvments to the physical, mental and emotional wellbeing of those taking part

Cultivating intention to practice Mindfulness in Nature on a regular basis can deliver wellbeing benefits such as

  • Deeper sense of relaxation
  • Emotional regulation
  • Reduced stress levels
  • Improved sleep
  • Greater focus and conentration

Being in the present moment

Regular nature immersion helps restore balance to both body and mind, just through the fact of repeatedly spending time there.

The soft fascination of nature captures people’s attention, helping them become attentive to the present moment, purely through focussing attention through use of their senses.

Practising Mindfulness in Nature is soothing to the senses and restorative to the mind, helping to deliver wellbeing benefits.

What is so interesting about practising Mindfulness in nature is how the experience delivers greater insight into the inextricable links that exist between humans and the natural world

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